Stay with by Pillow

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, but despite the circumstances, we have continued to work hard, betting on innovation and new additions to our by Pillow family.

We have communicated with you, through a Newsletter and our social networks, always trying to inform you of all our campaigns, raffles and special offers.

We encourage you to follow us on our social networks if you have not yet done 😊 @bypillow

As an innovation, we have opted for a fast and safe check-in, incorporating it in some of our hotels through a self-check-in machine that facilitates your entry and respects the safety distance.

We have carried out two raffles, one at our hotel in Salou, Seaborn by Pillow and another at our Velázquez 45 by Pillow, in the Salamanca district in Madrid. We are going to continue raffling more stays, so we recommend you pay attention!

We had some projects underway that we have not stopped working on, and the result has been 3 new additions to our portfolio; San Mamés by Pillow (Bilbao), Condal by Pillow (Girona) and Erba by Pillow (Girona).

Are you accompanying us on our adventure by Pillow?