Family hotels in Marbella

Enjoy a vacation with your family and friends at our family hotels in Marbella! 

Marbella is a beautiful city on the Costa del Sol, an irresistible place to plan your dream vacation! Although it is full of legend, glamour, nightclubs and luxurious yachts, the truth is that it is also a wonderful destination to go with the whole family and have a great time 

Hotels for families in Marbella have nothing to envy to the spaciousness of hotels in Barcelona or the comforts of hotels in Madrid: they are updated and equipped with all the amenities that your family needs. If you want to know a little more about them and about how a family vacation in Marbella will be, do not miss any detail! 

Hostels in Marbella to stay with children

Let’s go south! Andalusia offers a lot of perfect destinations to go with children, for example, Seville to enjoy the big city or Cadiz for a closer and more traditional atmosphere. However, Marbella family hotels together with its excellent scenic heritage are a very competent city to go with the kids, you will be surprised!

The first thing we will do is to advise you about hotels in Marbella to go with children, as accommodation is one of the most important aspects when traveling with family and it will be crucial for us to be totally comfortable. 


On the Golden Mile
Close to the beach
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When choosing the most suitable one, it is important that it is in an area that is practical for sightseeing or going down to the beach, since if you go with children, they can quickly become overwhelmed in the transfers, as you know how little patience the little ones have!

It is ideal that they have space and private bathrooms, as it gives privacy to the family and makes everyone feel at home. Of course, the good news is that there is an interesting number of options with these characteristics in Marbella, the place that is becoming more and more attractive for quiet trips with the best company.

Hostel on the beach in Marbella

The beach is one of the biggest attractions of Marbella, especially if we go with family and want to spend a quiet stay enjoying its natural heritage. In that case, the best plan is to bet on a hostel that is close and cozy to go with the little ones, as the BYPILLOW Bluebelle. This is probably the best option for this type of getaway.

It is in the heart of the Golden Mile, a fantastic and safe neighborhood to go with the family, and also very close to the beach so you can go down whenever you feel like taking a dip. Nearby you will have boutiques, restaurants, stores… all services just a short walk away.

You will be able to let yourself be conquered by the traditional Andalusian style of the neuralgic center of Marbella, go to the historical center without the need to look for transportation and visit the most interesting areas without inconveniences. A perfect location for a plan with your loved ones.

You will have spacious and modern rooms, some of them are already designed for families, and have all the necessary services such as private bathroom, air conditioning or plasma TV. If you are agile, you will have the opportunity to book one of the rooms with terrace, isn’t it a luxury to have a snack outdoors without leaving the hotel?

Activities with children in Marbella

Marbella has very specific qualities, so you will not find the same climate as in Girona or the cozy hotels in Bilbao, so northern, in this city there is a unique essence and clear identity!

However, it is normal to wonder what to do in Marbella with kids, but here we have the answers. Although it is a city that is very glamorous and is attractive for other types of getaways because of its legendary nightlife, there is another special B-side to go with the family that will not disappoint you.

Our first tip is to make the most of its scenic heritage, always accompanied by an enviable climate. Going with the children to the extensive beaches or crossing the promenade allows them to have contact with nature and be outdoors, all with a shining sun.

In the water and outdoors you can practice many family activities. From a quiet boat ride accompanied by the best delicacies to the most adventurous experiences of canyoning or rappelling. The activities are designed for a variety of ages and have monitors who will ensure your safety, there is no excuse!

To enjoy city life there are also plenty of monuments, architecture, shows for all ages and restaurants where you can taste the best delicacies. You won’t be short of plans, we promise!