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Discover our boutique hotels in this destination known for its impressive Guggenheim Museum, world-renowned cuisine and lively nightlife.


Historic centre
Next to the Guggenheim
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San Mamés

Next to San Mamés
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Bilbao will dazzle you

The Guggenheim is a metal building with such an original shape that it even puzzled its architect Frank Gehry. He himself says that when he finished it he thought: “What the hell have I done to these people? Nevertheless, this museum put Bilbao on the map and turned it into a world-renowned cultural destination. Discover its charm by savouring delicious pintxos and wines in the old town of this vibrant city.

The musts of Bilbao

It is possible to have a full experience in this city thanks to the hotels in the center of Bilbao, as they allow you to move around the most important monuments with great comfort and offer all the services for an impeccable stay. They are ideal to stay with family, friends or to make a solo getaway. These facilities are endowed with the same innovative character that characterizes the essence of the Biscayan capital.

Finding a hotel in Bilbao that meets your expectations is easier than ever with byPillow, there is something for everyone! Pay attention to these suggestions and choose the one that best suits your travel needs.

What to see in Bilbao?

Now that you know some recommended hotels in Bilbao, let’s give you some tips to make the most of your getaway.

During your trip to Bilbao you will have the opportunity to soak up the cultural, architectural and gastronomic life of one of the most interesting capitals of the Basque Country. We know you will not be short of ideas, but we are going to show you some of the essential visits to make your stay as complete as possible.

The Guggenheim Museum

It needs no introduction. The Guggenheim Museum is one of the most symbolic buildings in the city and contains interesting works of modern art for all lovers of cultural visits. It stands next to the estuary creating an impressive landscape that invites to be admired both inside and out.

Unamuno Square

This is the ideal square for those who want to experience the atmosphere of Bilbao in person and mingle with the social life of the city. It is easily recognized because it is presided over by the bust of the writer Unamuno and because you will never find it deserted.

The Arriaga Theater

The Arriaga Theater is a mysterious building steeped in legend and the most interesting location for those who wish to attend a play in the city. It was the victim of one of the most important floods in the city and is steeped in history.

The 7 streets of the old town

In the center of Bilbao you will have an interesting route to do and this passes through its famous 7 streets: Somera, Artecalle, Tendería, Belosticalle, Carnicería, Barrencalle and Barrencalle Barrena. This is the most historic part, with places to get lost, stroll, stop to eat and even visit the house where the writer Unamuno was born.

La Ribera market

The culinary delights are one of the attractions of this city. To get to know this part of Bilbao firsthand, there is no more appropriate visit than a visit to the Ribera market where you can buy fresh produce, but also taste the pintxos and pair them with a txacolí.

Discover BYPILLOW's hotels in Bilbao

Frequently Asked Questions

No, BYPILLOW hotels in Bilbao do not accept pets of any kind.

By Pillow has 3 hotels in Bilbao: San MamésAmari and Irala.

boutique hotel is a hotel with a few rooms with its own personality and identity. They offer an elegant and elegant modern design.

The hotel that is close to the San Mamés stadium is the BYPILLOW San Mamés. The stadium is right in front of it

None of the BYPILLOW hotels in Bilbao offer breakfast.

All BYPILLOW hotels in Bilbao are perfect hotels to go with your partner.

The best family hotel in Bilbao is the BYPILLOW Irala. The BYPILLOW San Mamés also has triple rooms. And Amari has some extra beds.

Depending on the season, in the low season, which is from November to March, prices can be around 46-57€, and in the high season they can be between 90€-120€.

The BYPILLOW Amari is the closest hotel to Bilbao airport and is 5km from the airport, the BYPILLOW San Mamés and the BYPILLOW Irala are 6km away.

The BYPILLOW Amari and the Irala overlook the street, and the BYPILLOW San Mamés has quieter rooms because the rooms overlook a patio.