Family Hotels in Bilbao

Are you thinking of organizing a family vacation in Bilbao? It’s an excellent idea! This small northern city has a lot to offer for those looking for an unforgettable getaway with your family. You will have cultural plans, first class gastronomy, history, landscapes… All the necessary ingredients to disconnect from the routine and return home with a photo album of the most varied.

Hotels for families in Bilbao

Family hotels in Bilbao are the order of the day, as this destination lends itself well to this type of vacation plans. You will find a variety of them for all tastes, and you just have to choose the one that best suits your family, leave it booked, and enjoy your stay without further worries.

Here are some suggestions that you will love, you will have a hard time deciding on one of them!


Historic centre
Next to the Guggenheim
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Centrally located
Familiar and cosy
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San Mamés

Next to San Mamés
Very well connected
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Bilbao for the whole family

Now you know the excellent range of hotels in Bilbao for a perfect stay with your family, but what to do in Bilbao with children? We know that cities like Cadiz or Seville have a very attractive climate for traveling with family, that Girona has spectacular landscapes and a special charm. However, this city of the Basque Country is one of the most interesting to go with children and have a great time at any time of the year.

Bilbao has a very accessible size for family tourism and a diversity of plans that can be enjoyed in company. You will not miss museums such as the famous Guggenheim, the Fine Arts, or the Simon Bolivar. In addition, it has beautiful natural landscapes very close to the city and a gastronomic offer with worldwide recognition.

The streets of the old town invite you to an informal stroll, you can improvise without any problem! See the old architecture of the area, stop for pintxos, and even ask for one of the many free tours. In the riverside market you can experience the tradition of Bilbao and browse through the more than 180 stores that compose it – the time will fly by. 

What does Bilbao offer for a family vacation?

Hotels in Barcelona allow you to soak up the architectural culture of a city full of history, hotels in Madrid will be your allies to enjoy the big city with all the comforts and hotels in Marbella will give you that priceless disconnection of sun and beach. But what does Bilbao really offer for a family vacation?

Bilbao has hotels with the perfect services for families and a pace of life that makes it a more friendly city for these getaways. It is a safe city, of a manageable size and with plans that adapt to all ages very easily.

You will be able to teach your children to enjoy culture in an environment very conducive to it, to live new experiences in your company, and even encourage them to try new recipes that they would reject at home, everything is more fun on vacation!