Boutique hotel in the center Bilbao

Are you looking for an accommodation in the center of Bilbao that is comfortable, practical, and close to everything? BYPILLOW  offers you the opportunity to stay in a boutique hotel, the best place to enjoy a comfortable and peaceful stay in the beautiful capital of Biscay. Now you have it at your fingertips! A hotel that breathes peace and tranquility, so you can rest and recharge your batteries to face a busy day in which to visit the streets of the city. 

Do you want to know more? We encourage you to discover Deusto staying in an elegant and cozy hotel in Bilbao. Ready?

Accommodation in the center of Bilbao

We know you need to disconnect from everyday life and change the routine. Well, in Bilbao there are three of these hotels: Amari, Irala and San Mamés. byPillow guarantees professionalism, friendliness, and close customer service. It offers a wide range of rooms and all of them are very comfortable!

Can you imagine waking up in Bilbao after having slept in a very comfortable bed that allows you to rest many hours in a row? Our hotel is characterized by the good service it offers, reason enough to find an appropriate place to get away from the daily routine.


Historic centre
Next to the Guggenheim
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Centrally located
Familiar and cosy
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Discover Iralabarri: the Notting Hill of Bilbao

In Bilbao you can find one of the most curious and beautiful neighborhoods in Spain. It is the neighborhood of Iralabarri, also known as the Notting Hill of Bilbao. 

This picturesque area becomes the perfect setting to enjoy a pleasant day and fill your social networks with photos that will allow you to reach thousands of “likes”. This neighborhood has a particularity: it preserves the appearance of the old houses of the workers of Harino Panadera, hence it has a certain resemblance to the Anglo-Saxon houses.

The urban plan was devised by Juan José Irala from the early twentieth century, the founder of the company Harino Panera. His purpose was that there would be affordable housing for the workers, but that all of them would have a beautiful and unique appearance for the daily enjoyment of all the neighbors. There are colorful facades and up to three stories high, you will love the chromatic contrasts between all the houses! From any angle you will enjoy amazing perspectives and dreamlike spaces to get lost for a long time in the streets. You will see how beautiful the streets are!

Exactly, byPillow has the boutique hotel Irala in this neighborhood; in fact, you can walk there without having to take any vehicle. For this reason, this accommodation is so interesting, precisely because of the convenience of having everything next to you and not having to walk many kilometers or spending a lot of money on gasoline, considering how expensive it is.

BYPILLOW's offer of Boutique Hotels in Bilbao

The boutique hotels in Bilbao BYPILLOW allow you to enjoy the city thanks to the good location of all of them, from the Boutique Hotel in San Mamés to the boutique hotel in Irala or the one in Amari

All of them have exclusive offers at very good prices and are affordable for all guests. In addition, the highest quality and different types of accommodation are guaranteed. There are many people who trust the quality of our hotels, basically to meet the expectations in terms of relaxation, comfort, and good price.

It should be noted that, specifically, the boutique hotel Amari is located near the Guggenheim Museum. Therefore, if you are an art fan, you want to be close to the river and you are looking for spaces near this museum to take lots of pictures, this is your ideal place. From here you have the possibility to walk all over the center of Bilbao, without forgetting that it is very close to the Plaza Nueva, a great place to enjoy the famous Basque pinxos.

In short, the wide range of boutique hotels BYPILLOW are the best option you have at your disposal. Do not complicate your life and go to any of our accommodations. In general, they are all perfectly equipped and offer all the luxury of comforts so that you can enjoy Bilbao to the fullest!