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Not all reviews of BYPILLOW may be perfect.
but they all help us improve your stay.

Sofía Álvarez (España)
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I found it to be a great gesture that they upgraded my reservation to a slightly larger room without any additional cost. I appreciate their flexibility.

Alina Petrova (Ukraine)
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The room had its own terrace with an umbrella, chair, and small table. The hotel is located in the city center but on a very quiet street, with no noise.

Luca Silvestri (Italia)
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Impressive room, huge smart TV, and great location. Además, también tienes un espacio de coworking para llamadas de trabajo.


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At BYPILLOW we don’t have giant pools.
We prefer to have a minimal environmental impact.

Eco-efficient buildings

With our renovations, we have reduced energy consumption in our hotels by up to 50%.

Green energy

We are committed to renewable energies such as solar energy, specifically photovoltaic energy.

Eco Stars

Minimum environmental impact certificate for hotel stay.

Energy savings

We implement energy control systems, recycling, reuse, and waste reduction practices.