Girona, the city of flowers

Did you know that every spring, Girona transforms into the city of flowers? This is thanks to the “Girona, Temps de Flors” festival, an event that uniquely combines art, nature, and culture.

The beautiful cobblestone streets of Girona are adorned with an explosion of colors and scents, turning every corner into a floral masterpiece. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

In this post by BYPILLOW, we will tell you all about this festival. Let’s head to Girona!

The festival of flowers, colors, and senses


During this annual festival, typically held in spring, Girona’s residents open their homes, courtyards, and gardens for visitors to enjoy their floral creations. At “Girona, Temps de Flors,” you can find everything from elaborate decorations on historic facades to charming little nooks.

But the festival isn’t just about admiring flowers and decorations. There’s also a wide variety of cultural events and activities that enhance the experience: outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, family shows—there’s something for everyone!

So, if you’re planning your next getaway to Girona, we recommend visiting during this festival. Our hotels in Girona offer central, comfortable accommodations that will be the perfect refuge for your floral escape.

Girona dresses up for spring


Walking through the streets of Girona during “Girona, Temps de Flors” is like stepping into a fairy tale. This event is known for transforming the city into an impressive floral spectacle that attracts visitors from all around the world.

One of the most charming aspects of “Girona, Temps de Flors” is how it involves the entire community. Residents come together to create these magnificent floral displays, making the festival very welcoming and friendly.

As you can see, this event is much more than just a flower festival; if you ever have the chance to visit Girona during this time, we assure you it will be an experience you’ll never forget. And, even more so, if you stay at our hotels in Girona, where you can enjoy central, modern, and comfortable establishments.

The origins of Temps de Flors


The festival originated in the 1950s when a group of gardeners and nature lovers decided to organize a floral exhibition to celebrate the arrival of spring. What started as a modest local initiative soon became a deeply ingrained tradition in the heart of the city.

Initially, the festival involved decorating public spaces with flowers and plants. However, over the years, it gained popularity and attracted more participants and visitors. The creativity and ingenuity of Girona’s residents were unleashed, and they began to decorate not just streets and plazas but also private courtyards, balconies, and the facades of historic buildings.

Over the decades, “Girona, Temps de Flors” has become an iconic event for the city, recognized both nationally and internationally.

The festival’s humble beginnings contrast with its current grandeur, but the essence of the event remains the same: celebrating the beauty of nature and fostering a sense of community among Girona’s residents and visitors.

BYPILLOW The Bloom in honor of flowers


At BYPILLOW, we merge the essence of the city with the unique experience we offer our guests. The flowers, which are a fundamental part of Girona’s charm, have inspired the names of our two hotels in the city: BYPILLOW Erba and BYPILLOW The Bloom.

BYPILLOW Erba, meaning “grass”, reflects the freshness and vitality characteristic of Girona during the spring season. This hotel in central Girona is designed to provide a rejuvenating experience in tune with nature, with bright spaces decorated with natural touches that evoke the feeling of being immersed in a blooming meadow.

On the other hand, BYPILLOW The Bloom, which translates to “blossoming”, celebrates the ephemeral beauty of flowers and the joy they bring. This boutique hotel in Girona is designed to be an oasis of elegance and sophistication, where every detail is carefully selected to create an atmosphere of harmony and well-being. From the soft tones of the rooms to the delicate fragrances that float in the air, everything at BYPILLOW The Bloom is designed to stimulate the senses and provide a memorable experience.

Whether you prefer the serenity of a blooming meadow or the elegance of a flourishing garden, each BYPILLOW hotel in Girona is designed to offer you an unforgettable stay. Travel this spring and discover the city of flowers, an experience you will surely remember forever. And who knows, you might find inspiration to create your own dream garden when you return home!