Management BYPILLOW

About Us - We are BYPILLOW

BYPILLOW is the top manager of boutique hotels under a management or rental system increasing the quality of a tourist establishment (largely guesthouses or boutique hotels) by improving both the product and its commercial and economic management.

We have a team with great experience in managing this kind of establishment and we use very carefully created procedures to optimise income and costs. In this way, we improve the profitability of small establishments which, due to their size, usually find it more difficult to make a profit.

If you’re looking for a manager who can help you either in different areas of managing your guesthouse or boutique hotel or with its full management, by Pillow is an excellent option, as confirmed by the establishments we already have operating.


Administration/ HR

Operations/ Management

Works/ Interior Design

Standards - BYPILLOW

Sales/ Marketing

  • Revenue management: with tools to optimise prices and improve profitability.
  • Online sales and distribution: analysing the best sales channels and creating promotion and sales campaigns depending on market needs. Optimising content in all distribution channels. 
  • Distribution on our own website: analysis of e-marketing actions and developing SEM campaigns.
  • Online reputation and social media.

Operations/ Management

  • Monthly/annual management control to detect deviations
  • Parameterising ratios for groups of guesthouses.
  • Drawing up annual budgets
  • Identifying deviations and advice on corrective measures
  • Extracting itemised consumption ratios and comparison with similar establishments
  • Advice on processes

Administration/ HR

  • Staff selection processes
  • Developing training plans
  • Establishing and monitoring budgets
  • Analyzing the working atmosphere
  • Occupational risk prevention

Works / Interior Design

  • Advice on the viability and supervision of projects, works and renovation
  • Help in processing permissions.
  • Implementation and monitoring of preventive, conductive and corrective maintenance procedures.
  • Monitoring of the carrying out of maintenance in accordance with current regulations and control of legal inspections.