Taste Cadiz in Its Spectacular Market

When it’s time to eat in Andalusia, you have several options: you can go to a bar, a restaurant, or visit one of its markets, where you can taste the freshest local products, cooked on the spot. Gastronomic tourism is increasingly fashionable, and the markets of Cadiz will surprise you with their colors, flavors, and aromas. Let yourself be carried away by the most delicious shopping experience!

At BYPILLOW, we not only offer you the best hotels in Cadiz but also give you all the tricks and tips so you can move around the area like a true local from Cadiz. Are you ready to savor Cadiz through its spectacular markets?

Fish Stand at the Central Market of Cadiz

From the Fish Market to Your Mouth: The Freshness of the Sea in Cadiz's Markets

The markets of Cadiz are known for offering the freshest products from the area in a very traditional way. If you take a trip throughout the province, we recommend you stop by some of the most outstanding markets, as this is where you will find the most authentic atmosphere. Here are some of the most notable markets in the province of Cadiz:

Algeciras: In addition to its seafood stands, you can’t miss those specialized in bullfighting bull meat.

Barbate: Lift your gaze to the sky to contemplate the tuna paintings that flood the ceiling of the building.

Chiclana: Here you can taste the typical Chiclana pork cracklings, freshly made.

Chipiona: You can buy prawns at a good price, and there is also a lot of rockfish.

Conil: The assortment of fish is very broad, with local specialties such as urta, borriquete, bocinegro, octopuses, squids, or pez cochino. But we can’t talk about markets without mentioning the quintessential supply market of the province of Cadiz: the one located in its capital.

Photography: Hermann Junghans

Central Supply Market of Cadiz

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Not Just Shopping: Anecdotes and Curiosities in the Gastronomic Heart of Cadiz

Did you know that there are sharks in the Cadiz market? Yes, they are small, but they exist! These are the school sharks, found alongside other sea delicacies such as prawns, shrimp, squids, Norway lobsters, or the langoustines from Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

Additionally, at some of the stands, you can also find displayed swordfish or emperor fish heads as ornaments in the fishmongers. Without a doubt, fish selling is the driving force of this square!

As you walk through the market, you will encounter many other curiosities like those we have told you about and soak up the hustle and bustle, the atmosphere, and the friendliness of the Cadiz character.

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Among Stands and Delicacies: A Gastronomic Journey Through the Markets of Cadiz

The Central Market of Cadiz has undergone a radical change in recent years. Formerly, it only had local clientele who did their daily shopping at their trusted stands, but there came a time when this century-old building needed restoration, and all the stands were moved to other parts of the city.

With the market now renovated, the merchants could return, but everything had changed. Shopping habits were no longer the same, and supermarkets had taken their customers. But they did not give up; instead, they decided to reinvent themselves! From that moment, the stands dedicated themselves to selling fresh products as always, while attracting tourists with new gastronomic proposals.

Portion of Roe and Mojama with Almonds

These 3 stands we present to you below are a clear example of how the market has adapted to respond to today’s customers:

Fishmonger stands 169 and 173 have adapted their offer and now provide seafood already cooked and in individual portions.

Stands 24 and 25 have all kinds of cheeses, canned goods, wines, oils, in addition to a table for tastings.

Stand 84 is run by an Italian who decided to leave his restaurant to sell some of the best products from his homeland, like cured meats, cheeses, canned goods, pastas, etc.

Corners of Flavor: Discover the Hidden Treasures in the Markets of Cadiz

We have to confess a secret. In the central supply market of Cadiz, you can find a space called the Gastronomic Corner. This place is specially designed so you can taste the best tapas, eat market products, and have a good glass of wine.

Typical Cadiz Shrimp Tortilla

We recommend you go with time because there are so many options you won’t know where to start.

We give you some tips!

You can’t miss trying the most typical dishes: shrimp tortillas, charcuterie from the Cadiz mountains, and the Maier, the Cadiz beer. Right in front of the market, there is also a churro shop where locals usually go early to have breakfast with churros, to gain energy before starting their shopping.

If Seville has a special color, we assure you that Cadiz has a unique flavor, and the best product is found in its markets. After this tour through the Cadiz markets, it’s about time you take a look at the family hotels in Cadiz we have at BYPILLOW, to start organizing your getaway to the south.